Counselling Victoria BC

  • Enhance resiliency and quality of life
  • Develop stronger, more positive connections with others
  • Increase your capacity to respond well to a challenging world



Individual Counselling

Individual counselling can help increase self-awareness, uncover strengths and confront barriers that interfere with overall well-being. Counselling can also help to increase positive feelings, self-esteem, courage and inner peace. These benefits often give rise to ripple effects that further enhance levels of life satisfaction and lead to strengthened relationships and more effective responses to difficult life circumstances.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling can help you and your partner to identify patterns that weaken your emotional connection and to develop new ways of engaging for a lifetime of love, support and companionship.


MBSP (Mindfulness-Based Strength Practice)

MBSP is an 8-session workshop that weaves the practice of mindfulness and the practice of character strengths together. MBSP teaches individuals to engage more deeply with life. This course teaches the basics of mindfulness and of character strengths, and offers advanced, practical ways to integrate the two. It presents a unique angle to living one’s best life, re-discovering happiness and achieving goals, finding deeper meaning and life engagement while coping with life’s challenges.

The Mindful Way

This is an 8-week program based on the book The Mindful Way – An 8-Week Program to Free Yourself from Depression and Emotional Distress by John Teasdale, Mark Williams and Zindel Segal.  This workshop is based on clinically proven methods and is specifically designed to help you deal with persistent unwanted mood states.  It provides a clear introduction to mindfulness practice and simple exercises to help you shift from feeling controlled by distressing and repetitive thoughts and feelings to having peace of mind.

Self-Care for Family Caregivers

Providing care for a family member with extraordinary needs can be overwhelming. As a parent of a child (now adult) with complex needs I understand.  Making time for you can sometimes seem impossible and yet it is vitally important to do so. In this workshop we will develop strategies to care for ourselves while caring for our loved ones.

Creative Maladjustment – Self-Care for Activist Caregivers

This is a workshop designed specifically for social & environmental justice activists. It is designed to help prevent burnout and associated health risks by nurturing the  inner transformation needed to sustain the important work of  social transformation.  It will also help those who are entering activist work with knowledge and tools to help maintain healthy boundaries and self-care practices.